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Congrats to the 2017 2-Man Scramble Winners

By May 6, 2017Scores, Tournaments

Congratulations to the winners in our 2-Man Scramble Tournament! We had a great time and good scores from our participants in every division. There were some crazy ties this time! Thanks to everyone who came out!

1st Div:
Gross: Cameron Crawford/Dave Jennings 61 $250/each
Brady Machin/Sean Jolley 62 $112.50/each
Jake Boyce/Preston Alder 62 $112.50/each
Nate Ouimette/Ryan Powers 64 $15/each
Jed Hilton/Devin Mortensen 64 $15/each
Preston Richardss/Doug Richards 64 $15/each
Scott Whittaker/Trevor Nielsen 59.2 $250/each
Jordan Thompson/Caden Dunn 60.25 $75/each
Robert Tomsick/Sage Sawyer 61.25 $75/each
Don Terry/Sam Stewart 62.5 $50/each
2nd Div:
Gross: Floyd Baldwin/Cameron Baldwin 64 $250/each
Collin Mangum/Nathan Heriford 65 $150/each
Shawn Chipman/Jerry Monson 67 $75/each
Net: Dave Hasting/Danny Anderson 60.75 $250/each
George Shoell/Tom Edwards 62.70 $150/each
Johnathon Heyn/Orlando Alba 63.25 $75/each
3rd Div:
Gross: Steve Powell/Mike Robison 66 $250/each
Kerg Holdaway/Jon Killpack 69 $150/each
David Garcia/Mario Garcia 66 $250/each
Cody Raymond/Mike Robison 61.35 $250/each
Zach Despain/Cole Meiners 62.1 $150/each
Brandon Thurgood/Chase Thurgood 63.70 $75/each
Closest to Pins:
#5 Devin Mortensen $25
#8 Dave Hasting $25
#12 Nate Heriford $25
#15 Kreg Holdaway $25

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